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Does Window Tint Film Reduce Heat?

Does window tinting reduce heat? This is a question that millions of car and office owners ask. Although there are other questions that they ask about tinting, this turns out to be one of the most common. Ceramic tinting film Malaysia is a great way to reduce heat in a car, home or an office since the tint reduces thermal rays. This is the reason that tinting of windows has become popular in the recent past.

tinted film & window tint film


tinted film & window tint film

How Do Windows Tint Film Malaysia Work?

Tint windows work to reduce heat in any environment, but the question is how they work. Thermal rays make sunlight increase temperature, and that is why your body experiences the heat. Ceramic tinting film Malaysia works to let wavelengths of radiation that create natural light pass while disabling those that create heat. It is interesting since the illuminating features of the sun are not blocked, and the amount that is passed is safe for the eyes. Basically, the block heat by filtering sun rays.


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KRÖPELIN Ceramic 50 Window Tint Film


KRÖPELIN Ceramic 40 Window Tint Film


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KRÖPELIN Ceramic 70 Window Tint Film


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How Much Do Tinted Film Malaysia Block?

Tinted film Malaysia offer different heat rejection percentages, and it all depends on your requirements. The amount of heat rejected may depend on the shade of that particular tint, its type, and quality. There are those that block about 40 percent thermal energy while others can block up to 70 percent whether its film or tint. You may not know which the best tint is for your car, home or office but this is not something to worry about. With ceramic tinting film Malaysia, your needs will be taken care of. The representatives will guide you in getting the right type of tint or film.


Does Car Tint Keep a Car Cooler?

Since the car tint Malaysia block heat from interfering with your comfort, they make the inside of your car cooler. There are tints that are darker than others and offer much more comfort as they block a huge amount of heat. The car tint Malaysia helps in filtering of sunlight that comes to your car and reduces the amount of temperatures that you may experience.


Do Window Tint Film Keep Buildings and Homes Cooler

When solar tints are installed in offices, homes, and buildings, they block thermal rays just like they do on cars. When buildings and homes get too much temperature, the cooling costs will definitely go up, and there will be too much sunlight that is unnecessary. With Windows Tint Film Malaysia, big windows in commercial and residential areas will not be your source of high temperatures. You can enjoy the sunlight while indoors without experiencing high levels of heat.

Whether you have a big window at home, you love the views but the sunlight is unbearable, or you have a car, Tinted film Malaysia helps you live a more comfortable life.  The films and tints have proved to be effective in blocking sun rays and providing natural light. Thus no matter how hot it is inside, you will not feel it.