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How Long Does Vehicle Solar Window Tint Film Last ?

Car parts get worn out gradually, and with time some of them end up breaking down completely. This inevitable misfortune also applies to the tint and depending on the quality of the tint, it can last only for months, or it can serve for more than ten years on your car. Tints vary in prices, and the higher you pay for the tint, the longer the duration it is going to serve you. Besides fading gradually on their own, exposure to harmful chemicals can accelerate your tint damage. This is why you need solar windows film Malaysia so that your tint gets protected from the harmful chemicals and UV rays.


The Difference between High Quality Tints and Low Tints

If you get a low quality auto film Malaysia on your car, it will start to fade within the first few months when it is exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Tints that are made with dye and metal deposits normally last up to five years because they don’t get degraded by UV rays and other harmful chemicals. The top notch tints that are considered to be of high quality are the metalized sputtered or deposition window films. They are only made by experts, and they can last up to 10 years or more depending on how well they are maintained. If you tints that will serve you for as long as your car is functioning without fading, you can go for the Carbon or ceramic tint films. Films that are not enhanced with UV inhibitors fade faster than tint films that have UV inhibitors incorporated in them.


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Understand the Quality Facts behind Tints

The first common signs to know that your tints are reducing in quality is when you see bubbling and fading. Bubbling can occur when the air is trapped during installation of the tint by the Car tinting Malaysia personnel. Whether you buy a high quality tint or a low quality tint, as long as the air gets trapped inside, bubbling will occur. Cheap tints will always yield bubbles even if they are installed properly. The high quality tints that last long are expensive, and people normally opt for the cheap ones so that they replace when they fade. The truth is that replacing tint films regularly is more costly than buying the high quality tints at once.


The longevity of security tint film Malaysia vary greatly, but certain factors like bad weather and chemicals can accelerate the decline in quality of the tints. You should avoid small accidents like screen scratches, avoid exposing your car to UV rays and ensure that you take your car for maintenance regularly. You should also know the safe car window cleaners to use because some window cleaners ruin tints. This way, it will be easy to make the tints last longer and serve you efficiently. Tints are meant to provide maximum privacy and security of the things in your car, so they should be well functioning.