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Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating

Modesta BC05 Ceramic Coating


Modesta BC05 Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating


Modesta BC-05 is a unique glass coating based on a three-dimensional molecular frame. It forms a highly durable clear hard glass layer on automotive paints. 

BC-05 produces a deep shine and helps to protect the paint from all kinds of damage including wash-induced damages, scratches, oxidation, sap, watermarks, salts, acids and even permanent ink and paints. It's strong water-repellent properties also promote the self-cleaning effects.


Used stand-alone as a sealant, BC-05 produces an unique kind of gloss called the "candy-like" gloss. If combined with the P-01A primer this effect is even deeper as the layers of both products are combined to a single coat.

The coating also reduces drag by 5 km/h compared to regular paint at speeds over 60 km/h (drag coefficient: -0.02). It can be applied even to the most advanced and sophisticated paints, such as Nissan Scratch Shield, Lexus' self-restoring coat and Mercedes ceramic paint.



Modesta BC05 Car Coating


Welcome to Golden Global 2U!

We’ve been in this industry for the past many years and have served thousands of clients with the premium ceramic coating. Automotive Aesthetic is something which has a great role in testing and conducting our research to find something best and better than best. No doubt, car coatings are recent developments and has taken over the market for the past couple of years. The reason is simple; they provide the unmatched and ultimate protection for car paints and provide perfect glow and shine which cannot get from any wax.


Modesta car coatings are incredibly unique in nature and provide extra hard glass coverage for your car pants. It can withstand for up to 10 years easily. However, only little car is needed!

Modesta glass coating helps you protect your car’s painting from various external influences such as light scratches, UV oxidation, acids and even though bird droppings. It was never so easy before Modesta ceramic coating!

The presence of Liquid Glass formula offers your vehicle ultimate protection by making a durable and hard glass of protection over paint. However, the addition of the advanced Water-repellent glass car coating is super safe to apply on even sophisticated paint systems, like Lexus’ self-restoring coat, Nissan Scratch Shield and only Mercedes ceramic paint.




Modesta BC-05 Glass Coating


This type of coating is a unique and effective glass coating specially designed for offering long-lasting shine to your car. However, it’s based on a 3-dimensional molecular frame which makes extremely high durable and hard glass layer for your vehicle’s paint. The solid water-repellent properties of Modesta BC-05 glass coating promotes the self-cleaning effects. If you want to get candy-gloss for your car paint, then this is the formula you need. Golden Global is offering the best car coating services. If the formula combines with the P-01A primer, then even deeper and required effect can be produced.




What makes Modesta BC-05 car coating the best?


  • The car coating done by Modesta BC-05 reduces drag by 5km/h compared to the conventional paint at speed over 60km/h. (drag coefficient:-0.22)
  • This car coating can be applied even on the most sophisticated paints, such as Mercedes ceramic paint. So surely, this one is the recommended car coating.


Here are some properties which Modesta BC-05 car glass coating provides.

  • Anti-fouling property:

If you are looking for the most efficient coating, that can help you remove dirt and grime easily, then this car coating is what you need. Dirt can be removed just by rinsing with water. It has very high water-repelling efficiency, which usually can’t be observed in conventional waxes.

  • Heat Resistance:

The best quality of Modesta car coating is it doesn’t burn and even fade out when exposed to high temperature. This property helps to keep shine consistent and fresh.

  • Gloss:

It produces a very soft and shiny effect.

  • Weather resistance:

This car coating is weather resistance which helps in protecting your vehicle from environmental factors such as UV rays and rain droplets.



Modesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car Coating



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