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Modesta BC-09 Hi-PHPS Car Coating


Modesta BC09 Hi-PHPS Coating

Based on BC-06 this product is a highly concentrated Per-Hydro-Polysilazane (PHPS) coating especially designed to allow application by conventional wipe on. BC-09 creates a highly durable hydrophilic layer of special polysilazane molecules that can protect the paint from contamination and dirt and deliver a improved scratch resistance. This coating will keep your car clean for a long time and will prevent impurities from sticking to it’s surface. 


BC-09 creates a special type of lustre and reflection on the surface of your clearcoat. 

Modesta BC-04 is capable to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 °C. 


BC-09 may not be used in combination with the Modesta P-01A Primer. However BC-09 might be used as a foundation layer for other coatings of our range, especially BC-03 Pure Glass Coating, BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating or BC-05 Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating. 



Modesta BC09 Car Coating

Glass coating is getting popular among every car owner due to its excellent benefits and results. No doubt, Modesta glass coating is one of the best glass coating products in the market as these are specially designed to deal with the luxury car bodies and to offer the needed results. These products are made for professional use only, but you can get the best car coating services at Golden Global which is always open to serve you. However, what makes Modesta glass coating special and super awesome? Is Modesta ceramic coating is the right product for your beautiful vehicle?


As we all know Modesta is known for its protective coating and is harder than your car’s original finish. The Modesta product like BC09 provides exact results you want for your vehicle. It has hydrophilic properties which makes a water slide off the vehicle’s surface rather than forming beats and then rusting and oxidation. However, it’s a water-repellent property which makes dust and debris to come off with water. 



Modesta BC09 Car Coating

BC09—based on BC-06 is extremely concentrated Per-Hydro-Polysilazane (PHPS) coating which is particularly designed to allow the application just by conventional wipe on. No doubt, this superb formula creates an extremely hydrophilic layer of exceptional polysilazane molecules which help in protecting paint coating and also enhances scratch resistance. This hard glass coating enables you to keep your car clean and luster for a long time and helps in preventing impurities from adhering to its surface. It creates an amazing clear lustre and great echo on the surface of your car’s paint.


However, it’s important to know BC-09 can be used in combination with P-01A Primer, however, may be used as a foundation layer for other coatings.

Modesta BC-09 is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1300 °C.




How effective is Modesta BC09 car coating?

One of the best features of Modesta BC09 car coating is it is water-repellent and provide great luster. You can be amazed to see how water slides off the car when it rains, due to smoothness. This coating also comes with self-cleaning properties which also help your vehicle to stay clean for a longer time.


However, another amazing feature of this car coating is it gives a unique “candy-like” gloss. So it’s an excellent option to eliminate dullness, scratches, and oxidation. It restores all the oxidation in the paint and helps in giving an amazing and better look to your car. So if you want to get deeper colour hues and shine, then Modesta BC09 is what you need.



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Modesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car CoatingModesta Car Coating



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