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safety film & security film

There are many reasons why the windows and windshield in your vehicle can be broken. Some of the reasons why the glass can break include rocks, people breaking the windows, and even the sun. You can easily protect your windows with auto film Malaysia. Safety tint film Malaysia is the most popular option, but there are completely clear films available. Here are just a few of the benefits of using security tint film Malaysia.


1. KRÖPELIN Security Film Protection From Accidental Injuries

Securities films act like invisible shields. They can protect you from broken glass when there is a vehicle accident. Any time that you are in an accident, there is a chance that your windows will break. Broken glass is the cause of many serious injuries that happen during accidentals are caused by glass.

Auto films are made with powerful adhesives, which help reduce the amount of broken glass that can fly around the car. Most times, the films help keep the broken window in one piece, which makes it easy to replace the window. The films also help keep you safe.


safety film & security film


2. KRÖPELIN Safety Film Protects Your Vehicle from Crime

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. They are simple entry points for thieves because they can easily smash the windows out of your car. There are many tools on the market that can be used to smash windows quickly. Alarm systems can help, but most times they do not help save items that are in your car. Experienced thieves will just break the windows and take any items that they can easily grab.

Auto film Malaysia makes it very difficult for thieves to break into your car because the adhesives will hold the glass together. The adhesive covers the whole window, which makes it harder to remove the glass unless they have the correct tools to do so.



3. KRÖPELIN Security Film Protects Against the Weather

The weather has a huge impact on our vehicle’s windows. Windows can be damaged by high winds, rain, and the sun’s rays. When windows are cracked and broken because of the weather, it can cause the glass to go flying into the vehicle. This can cause huge amount of injuries and could lead to an accident. Safety films can protect your windows against the weather because they are designed to withstand high winds and flying objects. So, you are protected if something was to crack or break your windows because the glass would stay together


4. Stops Little Things That Can Damage Your Windows

There are many things that can scratch and chip the windows of your vehicle. While these small scratches and chips may not break your windows, many times, they can affect the visibility of your windows. Safety films can help reduce the chance that these small damages will happen to your vehicle.

Having safety tint film Malaysia installed in your vehicle can help protect your windows and windshield. Installation of auto film Malaysia does not take long and is affordable. The KRÖPELIN Safety Film is one of the best films available and can help protect the windows in your vehicle.


KRÖPELIN Auto Film Detail :


KRÖPELIN Security Tint Film - Best Safety Film

While developing the raw power of an engine and an attractive design for a car, the car manufacturers often forget about the windows, their purpose and of how big of an importance they are. Unless the glass is tempered, it will not be unable to resist to road caused damages, such as a small stone bumping from the road on to the glass, nor will it be protected by the dangers of forced entry or vandalism. Installing a safety tint film in Malaysia ensures that no harm will come to the people in close surroundings of a glass breaking.


Security Tint Film in Malaysia Ensures Protection and Privacy

The new security film by KRÖPELIN is an advanced, well-developed, high-quality product and currently, the best windows tint film in Malaysia. You want some privacy while driving. The dark shades the tint film provides will enable you to leave whatever valuables you want in your car without the fear of someone noticing them and vandalising your car to steal them.


KRÖPELIN WINDOW TINT FILM - A New Level of Protection

As previously mentioned car manufacturers often overlook a car’s windows. The main and most important feature of the windows tint film in Malaysia is the security it provides. Whether it’s a car accident or someone throwing a brick at your car, the tint’s functionality is to keep the glass intact. You have certainly heard of people getting thrown out of a car’s window during an accident, it was most likely because they didn’t use a safety tint film in Malaysia.

 It additionally adds the benefit of burglars being unable to enter your car. Unless they can miraculously open your car’s door lock, there is no way a thief will break the tinted glass and steal your car.


Security Film Additional Hidden Benefits

A car is a long term investment. You want to keep the quality of the fabric covering the salon for as long as possible. Professionally installed windows tint film in Malaysia will attend to those demands. The tinted film blocks almost a 100% of the sun’s light and ultraviolet rays. Those easily influence the outer layer of the car’s cloth and shorten its lifespan by a great deal.

UV rays are also the reason people develop skin cancer or at least the aging of a human’s skin. A tint film would stop those from falling on your skin and protect you. It is especially important for people who drive for a longer period of time as statistics show that more than half of the skin cancer patients have developed the disease on the left side of the body, which also not coincidentally is the driver’s side of the car. Stopping the UV rays will also drop down the temperature in the coupe and allow you to reach the balance of conditioning for you and the passengers.

These are only a short amount of the benefits a windows tint film in Malaysia would bring. Don’t wait; take a consultation with a professional.


car tinting


car tinting


KRÖPELIN - Find The Best Car Tinting Has To Offer

If you want to offer to yourself and your family the best possible protection, you need to consider applying some new windows tint film Malaysia can provide you with. This will help you stay protected from many dangerous and harmful effects then this is a job that you definitely need to do.

The best services when it comes to tint shop Malaysia includes, of course, sun protection, heat protection, shatter protection, as well as glare protection if needed. If you want to discuss glare protection, there are many different options available for you, depending of course on your specific needs and estimated budget for this project to be completed.


KRÖPELIN Security Film & Auto Film Now in KL, Malaysia

 The ability to keep your car or motorcycle protected is of utmost importance to all the automotive owners. Choose from a wide variety of glass films, the one best suited to your needs in order to keep the dangerous and irritating sun outside. Offer your family and children the chance to be transported to your car with safety and pleasure without having to suffer the negative effects of the morning sun.

If you are considering auto film Malaysia, then you can also protect your automotive from smashes, cracks, and splits. This will not only keep you safe in case a rock finds its way to your glass, but will also keep the intruders outside and your automotive safe from theft.


KRÖPELIN Security Film & Safety Film Protect Your Vehicle

The best tint shop Malaysia has to offer you have an amazing variety of security films that will protect your car from flying objects that will come towards you either in an accident or a stealing attempt. In addition, in case of a possible accident, the splinters will not cause you any additional harm or put your beloved ones at risk.

Offer your passengers the maximum possible protection, with the high-end technology that this auto film Malaysia Company has to offer you. Check the fast and highly efficient retrofitting, and there is no doubt you will choose it for your vehicle as well.

KRÖPELIN Auto Film - Proper Fitting

This tint shop Malaysia is capable of changing your films whether your vehicle is new or old. It is never too late to change your films and keep the ones you most care about protected and safe. No stone or small rock will be able to harm you while you are driving from now on.

Vehicles that Need KRÖPELIN Auto Film & Safety Film

If you own a private car or any other transportation vehicle, then you should definitely consider it. In addition, this auto film Malaysia is already been used to all police and military vehicles for maximum safety measures.

All limousine and private transfer agencies should also consider making this advancement in their vehicles. Clients will feel safer and thus it is more likely that they will want to use your services over another agency that doesn’t have proper auto film Malaysia.